oldest ugg boots shop in the worldThe skin shop started in a tiny church in 1968. The church was built in the early 1900’s and is now heritage listed in Australia. All though the organ and pews are long gone the church still has a 1900’s appeal.

The skin shop now known as Downunder UGG Boots Australia has been trading with the highest quality hand picked sheepskins for 40 years.

It has had the privilege of serving four generations of families and is well know throughout Victoria, Australia, UK and the USA for its high quality genuine ugg boots at reasonable prices and of course friendly helpful customer care.

Over the years our overseas customers have relied on us to email photo’s to make their choices or have asked visiting family or friends to make a special stop in Carrum Downs to pick up their boots. Although this has worked well we have decided to join the 21st century and provide our International and Australian customers an online web page to order from, or if you like to show friends or family the style and color you would like so when they come in to pick up the ugg boots they know exactly what to ask for.


The Ugg Boot is an Australian designed footwear that first went into manufacture in the 1930s. It is thought that it came about out of sheep / wool farmers simple need to have warm feet in the cold southern Australian winters. At the time Australia was already the largest producer of wool in the world, so there were plenty of sheep. An Authentic Ugg Boot is described as “a boot made of twin faced sheep’s skin with fleece in the middle”. So it is broadly assumed that with lots of people looking after sheep in a cold winter climate, that this is where the Ugg Boot originated.


Again this is not well documented and only ‘educated’ guesses have been made. The first Ugg Boots would have been quite simple, and have been put together by farmer’s wives if we consider the ‘way of the world’ in the 1920s and 30s. So quite simply this boot would have been great at keeping feet warm, but understandably quite ugly and when you consider Australian slang it can easily be assumed that the Ugg Boot was the slang word for the Ugly Boot.